Thursday, September 9, 2010 she 4

Where did the little girl go......seriously.  This afternoon I put Brianna down and was nursing Jackson in his room.  I asked Aly to stay in our room so she did not wake up the others.  Five minutes went by and she came into the nursery....asking me if a shirt of mine was clean or dirty....she was sorting laundry.  I know in 10 years I will be begging her to do something with her laundry.

Then downstairs she found me IPOD....informs me that she has a favorite band...The Fresh Beat Band...Apparently they are on Nick Jr.  I have no idea.....welcome to the rest of my life.

She was on the computer at school today when I went to pick her up.  On the way to the car she informs me that she needs e-mail.  Hello you are 4 okay.....4.5 and I did not have e-mail until after college.

She changed laundry....moved the laundry from the washer and to the dryer.  Then proceeded to start the dishwasher.  I am off to put away clothes....I am sad that this is our last year that we are not tied to a school schedule.

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