Monday, March 26, 2012

Is it really March?

This is what this weekend weather brought!  

Thursday, March 15, 2012

A picture is worth....


I don't know if Brianna is going to recover...meeting Mater just might have done her in....

Our trip has been happy, exhausting, and filled with tons of crazy days....long long days.  The kids are having a blast!  We spent the first day SOAKED in the Magic Kingdom...but other than that the weather has been great!

We have come home each night to the hot tub and the pool which has been great!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Getting ready to roll

In less than 48 hours...we leave for Disney...Can you tell we are getting ready?

Some people think this is vacation....I do not think that this is going to be a vacation....Typically we go to Aruba in March...we love it there our little slice of heaven by the ocean.  THAT is a vacation.

Rides, park passes, massive schedules of where to be when to get to what we need to be....not a vacation!

The exciting thing is we are meeting some of Ryan's family there and we have rented a big house with a pool and I fully intend on soaking up some much needed sunshine on at least one afternoon.

The kids are over the moon...Brianna came down this morning decked head to toe in Cars gear asking if today was the day she got to meet Mater.....I told Ryan to call Disney and make sure Mater was not on vacation next week.  The magic is still present and that will make the trip worth it.

Friday, March 2, 2012

On turning 36...

This morning I was finishing a run before heading into I ran into the Y parking lot there were two crazy ladies yelling for me with this....Life is just good and I have awesome friends.

Meanwhile...I am not a huge birthday person....but now I think I officially enter the late thirties - eeekkkks!  But there is so much good going on it is hard to worry about another 36 things that I LOVE and am thankful for.

1.  My kids...healthy happy and full of life
2.  My husband who works hard to provide us a great life
3.  My health
4.  My great group of would not be possible without them
5.  Our ability to travel...we leave for Disney on Sat and I will be in AZ at the end of the month
6.  Our parents who have been so helpful in flying in and out of PA
7.  Our siblings....thank goodness for cousins
8.   Warm chocolate chip cookies
9.  Meeting the kindergarten bus
10.  Good books at the end of a hard day
11.  Naptime 
12.  A good glass of wine
13.  Girls nights outs
14.  Mexican food
15.  Triathlon
16.  Watching Aly learn to read and write
17.  Running in NH
18.  Staying home with the kids
19.  Good coffee
20.  Great playdates 
21.  Having kids that sleep really well
22.  Reading books by the fire
23.  Making cookies with the kids
24.  A great spin class
25.  Newborn babies
26.  Our house
27.  Brianna's spunk
28.  Swimming
29.  Weekend family nap time
30.  Adult dinners
31.  Good sushi
32.  Jackson being ALL boy
33.  Teaching swimming
34.  Our place in Aruba
35.  Hanging all day in PJs
36.  Knowing how to sew