Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fun in the sun!

So today we went to Jockey Ridge.  It is like a big sandbox for kids, this huge ridge that you climb up and you can fly kites, run down, or enjoy the view.  We did the first two and tried the third one but the kids were having a pretty good time running down this "sand" mountain. 



Tuesday, August 21, 2012


 We have been busy....and it has been awesome!  We spent the first day and a half traveling and spending some time at Water Country.  We met Ryans parents at the airport in Virginia and then headed back to Watercountry to spend the day before we checked into our rental house for the week.

We arrived in the Outerbanks late Sunday...and we have been having a blast.  We rented a house with our good friends, Brian and Susna and the kids have been go, go, go.  This is truly what vacation is about.  There is nothing really around, some small shops and some little stores but we can see the ocean from both the front and the back of the house.  Combine that with a pool and hot tub and we are golden.

We spent this morning at Avon Pier and the kids liked watching the fisherman. 


Then this afternoon we headed to the beach, where we had this sand castle building contest.  Aly build this castle complete with a moat so she smoked us all.  I believe mine was the first to surrender to the waves.

Then we headed back to the house to roast marshmallows

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Steelman Race Report!

I love this is local and fun and right by our house.  In the past year, I have managed to meet quite a few local triathletes which has made training and racing much more fun.  We have a little tri club that is here and a bunch of us traveled to Lake Placid to volunteer and sign up for next year - WAHOO!  I am stoked about that one.

Getting back on topic..this weekend I raced my last tri for the season.  I wanted to make it a good one for sure.  I had felt good during the course of the week leading up to the race.  Most importantly, I slept a WHOLE lot, like more than 8 hours per night which is really not normal for me at all.

I was not nervous at all.  Jen and I checked in during the course of the week and had a little plan just to run well off the bike...since that has not really happened all year.  YIKES

So race morning came and we were still up at 3:45 to get out the door.  We got there and there were so many people I knew which was so much fun.  I told Ryan when I got home it was the first time I really felt like I raced at HOME...which is important. 

The water was warm no wetsuits...first time all year I think.  They called our wave and we were off.

I swam hard the first little bit to get clear water...but the issue was they were only leaving about 3 min between that meant that we soon caught the wave in front of us, and then the wave in front of that, and on and on.  The swim ended and I was out of the water in 22:xx...which makes me laugh because it was less than a minute difference between last year with the wetsuits.

Onto the have this monsterous climb out of the park and then there are two loops of the course.  It is rolling all the way.  They did shorten it this year to make it more of the Olympic distance.  I was faster this year but only because of the change in distance....1:18:xx.  I felt good throughout and just tried to stay as even as possible so I would be able to run.

Onto the run...oh I really, really wanted to run well.  I swear that is all I thought about all week.  The course is relatively flat and two out and backs.  It is partially shaded and there were plenty of water stops.  My garmin was not working right and I did not want to play with it so I just let it go and ran by feel.  The only problem with this race is it gets really crowded.  The first loop of the bike is fine but after that the Sprint and Oly use the same course.  The run while nice is still on a bike path that is not that wide and people are in both directions.  So there was quite a bit of dodging around and weaving in and out.  I finally found at women and just got in behind her and tried to run with her.  It worked and the miles seemed to click off rather quickly.  Soon we were approaching the final mile and I decided that I would just go the run was a HUGE PR for me.

In the end, I was eight minutes faster than last year, which shows me that the work we did result in some positive gains.  It was AWESOME to have a great day locally and be able to come home and spend the afternoon with the family...although...I might have encountered a disaster upon arrival home...

So that will wrap up the tri season which I am a little sad about - BOO!  But I owe some big thanks to many people for this year...

First, Ryan and the kids...somehow we managed to get through this year with a ton of changes and challenges along the way.  New jobs and commutes aside he is great about allowing me to continue to pursue this sport even when he would rather be sharing cheeseballs on the couch!

Jen for your support and are amazing at what you do and a super role model.  Thank you for everything.

The Lansdale tri peeps - George, Rosanna, Chris, and Joe Guerra.....IMLP will be a blast...and it is so much more fun to share this with others!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Fun in the rain..

While the girls are at day camp this week, we had a little fun of our own.

The trademarked non matching shoes.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Rolling Along

This is what Jackson is using as a weapon these days.  I realized as soon as I took it out...there was a reason why we hid the foam roller.

The girls have their last week of day camp this week and Aly brought home she has been crafting keychains galore.

This weekend I get to race my last tri of the season...I am excited.  We head to the Outerbanks in a few weeks and it will be nice to focus on running.  It is hard to believe that summer is winding down so fast and school is just around the corner.

Friday, August 3, 2012

August Updates

Everytime I sit down to write someone needs something or I decide going to bed is a much better idea....

So bullet points it is.

We spent last week in NH which included our annual trip to Storyland.  We stayed in a condo and while packing our car, a bear decided he might come along.  The kids were playing in the van while we were packing...we promptly locked them in the van and Jack started to play on the horn which sent him on his way.

The seven cousins!

The girls started playing soccer.  Two different leagues on the same night which is interesting.  Both of them seem to be enjoying it so far.

We had our first experience with stitches.  Brianna fell while on her scooter.  She split her forehead open and need a whole lot of stitches to close it up.  Luckily she was wearing a helmet so it was just the cut.

She did like the emergency room enough to declare that she would like her birthday there next year...all you can watch cartoons was the deal sealer!