Friday, October 31, 2008

Conversations with Aly - HAPPY HALLOWEEN

This was the only picture in which Brianna was not bolting around the room. Yes - she is walking!
The other two pictures are to demonstrate how clearly obsessed my daughter is with the tutu. She informed me last night she wanted pink hair. She put the tutu on her head, and I said "You look like you are going to get married" To which she replied, " No mom, I don't have a lamb."
Recently, Aly has been cracking me up - Here are two recent conversations:
S: Aly on Saturday, we are going to celebrate Briannas birthday
A: Ok Momma, and on Monday we celebrate Aly's birthday
S: Your birthday is in March, how old are you going to be
S: Well, you are two now, in March you will be three
A: No, I will be thirty two
This next one - I must preface. Aly colored a page from a coloring book a long while back. Since it was her first one, I put it on the side of the refrigerator. It was a picture of Curious George. She has since colored about 100 of these and we have picked a couple to hang on the wall beside the fridge. This week we were making cookies for her Halloween Party. The picture kept getting in the way and I finally took it down and threw it away. Well, she went to put a wrapper in the garbage and found the coloring:
A: Momma, why is George in the trash
S: Well Aly, you have colored beautiful pictures for me, George kept falling down, so I put him in the trash
A: That not nice, (looks at the paper) I so sorry George, Momma say you are sorry
S: Sorry George
A: Are you okay George, momma won't throw you in the trash again, that not nice
S: (At this point I leave the room because I am laughing)
A: Holds and strokes George for a few minutes, then gets tape and hangs him back up.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Welcome CALLUM

Yesterday we went to meet baby Callum! Actually I got to meet him on his birthday which was October 17th, but Aly and Bri had not met him yet. It was so nice to hold a newborn that does not bolt out of your arms or talk back! Brianna was a little jealous of the glider, she attempted to climb in with him. Aly thought he should have some goldfish if he was hungry. All in all it was a great trip and we look forward to spending time with Callum this winter.
Congratulations Barry and Shelley

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Pink Shoes

We have a problem. The pink shoes that Aly is obsessed with. When I say obsessed, the term should not be taken lightly. Every morning when she wakes up, the shoes go on. It does not matter what the occasion, the shoes go on. We started to implement rules, you can't wear them to the gym, or outside, only in the house. However, that has become a bigger problem.

When I was working, I tolerated the pink shoes, she would come running down the hall in the morning. It was like Corporate America in your bedroom, the click, click of the heels, and man they are loud. Then I really put them out of my mind, they would appear the moment we came home but it was only a short time before bed and bath.

The pink shoes need to disappear. Maybe it is jealousy, I never really walked well with heels, however, my 2 year old can run. No, she can sprint, in a moments notice as Brianna was trying to get her coveted lollipop this afternoon, she all out sprinted around the house waving the red lollipop. It sounded like I was in the NYC subway at rush hour. Secondly, she acts like she is wearing the most comfortable shoes around. They are plastic, they are too big, and hello, they are heels. I digress.

So now that I am home, I must begin Operation Pink Shoes Go Missing. However, I am at a loss as to where they can go. I know that I can hide them while she sleeps, but she asks relentlessly for them when they are missing. Any Ideas???????

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Let the festivities begin - HAPPY HALLOWEEN

We went to our first halloween party this weekend at our next door neighbors house. Brianna was taking a nap - but she did show up with Dad just in time for dinner. We had a great time making picture frames and decorating cupcakes. We got all loaded up on sugar and then came home!

Aly loves her fairy princess costume - it is hard to get it off of her!

Special thanks to our great neighbors Andy and Cheryl for a fabuous party!

These are our neighbors - we are so lucky to have such a great group

Friday, October 24, 2008


I am tired. I began my new "job" this week being a Stay at Home Mom. It's sad on a Friday night at 7:45 pm, the thing I am most excited about is my bed. No doubt, this is the most exhausting job I have had in a while. It is amazing how much energy they have, and how many questions Aly has.

Today was great. We met our friend Amy, who has 2 girls Sophia and Ava. They are similar in age to Aly and Brianna. We went out to lunch and then to play. Today, I can't imagine trading in my new "job" I am truly blessed to have the ability to stay and home and to have friends we can play with.

This past week we met a photographer Denise Gammel for family pictures. She did a nice job. Our link to our pictures is here:

I really like this one - she did a nice job capturing both girls, and man it was chilly!

This weekened we are going to our first halloween party! I will be sure to post pictures! Good night

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Tractor.....

We headed to NH this weekend to visit Franklin Pierce University and my parents. My mom had us pick up this new addtion to her already overflowing toy room, the John Deere tractor, of course Brianna jumped right on and even though she could not reach the pedals she made sure that she looked like she was driving. Aly was more tentative, it took a little coaxing to get her on and driving. Once she started though, she drove Brianna all over the yard. The weather was great and we had a great weekend.

Special thanks to Aunt Brooke who babysat for us! She also introduced us to the Wii - Ryan, Brooke and I tried our skills at bowling, baseball, and the Fitness test. We have a lot of work ahead of us.

Friday, October 17, 2008

We are WALKING - Assisted

Watch out World - Here I come!!! Brianna figured out the walker this week. Man - what a personality! She gets really annoyed when she runs into a wall and the walker won't go any further.
We are headed to NH this weekend. Should be fun!

Friday, October 10, 2008


Brianna is not little anymore, and with the exeception of her birth weight which was 6 lbs 7 oz, I don't think she ever was "little" , I think by now she outweighs the little girl Jennifer across the street. No big deal, but Jennifer is 2. I used to pack away Aly's clothes that she had outgrown, for when Brianna could wear them. Now, I just put them in Brianna's closet. We have called her Chumba for a while now. I think that is coming to an end. Last week at the grocery store, I had both kids with me. The cashier said to Brianna, " Oh your so cute"

Aly replied," That my sister, Chumbawamba"

Saturday, October 4, 2008

We finished!!!

We finished the half marathon and felt pretty good afterwards. The weather was amazing, it was cool and breezy, and perfect for running. We set out to finish and had a great run finishing in 2:24. My secret goal was to finish in about 2:30 so that was fantastic. It was awesome to have a great running partner - my dad. The last couple of years we have not been able to coordinate a long race run due to injuries or pregnancies. This was great to be able to do this!

There was supposed to be a race field of 1200 runners for the half, I am sure that you can't see in our picture, but our numbers were 1199 and 1200!

After the race, we headed to get the girls pumpkins, Aly liked the swing at the farm and Brianna was content eating leaves. They love being at Nona and Bumpas house!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New Kitchen and Final Run

This afternoon Aly, Brianna and I went to pick up a "new kitchen" Both girls have been playing a ton with our old one and it was really small and causing many tears in the morning. So thanks to Criagslist we found a new and bigger one, along with a picnic table. The best part, the new one has stuff on both sides, so we can separate the two and they can each play. Of course, Aly insisted that Brianna "too little to play with fire mom" so she must stay away from the grill. Here are a couple of pictures of our old kitchen and our new one!

I love these pants they read SMARTY PANTS
Tonight I went on my final run before the half on Saturday. Of course, I did not get out the door until close to 8 but I did 5 miles and it felt good. My knees are a little sore but it was raining and the weather is pretty humid. YAHOO for Saturday.