Sunday, February 26, 2012


Are they really from the same parents......

Jackson is currently obsessed with rain boots...

So like his dad....LOVES cereal!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The age of innocence....

Nothing like a good cup of coffee to start the day.....especially with the snow boots which have not come off in three days.  Pick you battles mom...and that is not one of them.  We will remain prepared in case of a midnight evacuation.

Recently a number of people have stopped me...whether in the parking lot, at the grocery store, or at the pool and commented how I should enjoy this time...because it certainly passes fast.  Lets be the moment some of these days drag on know when it is only 9 am and you are wondering if it is to early to start dinner.  The days where the three hours of preschool seem so short and you seems to only repeat the same three words.

No thank you, please don't, that probably is not a good choice

And the midst of all these things you forget that you are trying to be good parent, teach them about life, and raise responsible kids.  Today Aly came home from Kindergarten and told me that she had gym. She also said that the gym teacher told her she needed to wear pants to school on gym days. 

 When I asked her what she said, she replied, "I told him that I can do anything in a dress and I don't wear pants"  You go girl...she has not worn pants since the age of 2...I don't expect the gym teacher to change that.

In the craziness of our daily activities, I often forget how lucky we are.  When Jackson was trying to climb into the Fed Ex Truck, he is currently vying to be a truck driver, and the girls were fighting over who got to sit in the pink booster seat...a women rolled down her window and said, "Enjoy every moment"  

I think I asked her if she wanted to take them home.  ALL OF THEM.  

The best though was last night as I was at the Dr. and in the waiting room with the three was nearing dinner and everyone was tired, cranky, and running wild.  An older gentleman came out and looked was only me and the kids in the waiting room.

"Are these all yours", he asked.  

"Yes" I replied cringing at the thought that he was going to once again tell me how LUCKY I was,

"That is one hell of a grocery bill  you got them,"  he said as he walked out.

I burst out laughing.....totally true...and worth every penny...

Our Presidents Day Tea Party it won't be long before the tutu's are gone.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

This is how we roll....

Safety first especially on the swings....My biking riding almost 2 year old - all about the safety.

This morning I sent Ryan to the grocery store with the three kids...I know better I really do..but he was leaving for a couple of days and we were trying to divide and conquer the tasks...he had a list....and guess what was NOT on it..

Sadly, there is another shelf which has the additional kinds he could not fit.  I like ice cream but do not LOVE it....I cannot say the same thing for the rest of our crew.

While it will last this week since he is will disappear upon his arrival home...this is why the kids remind me that he is the FUN dad....

I think though...this might just come in handy...there has been a little smack talk about a little 5k race that might happen in the Miller all the ice cream you want buddy!  Tomorrow I will post the 18 boxes of cereal he is currently working his way through

This weekend we got rid of the first couple of bins of baby stuff...I am all about moving this stuff out the door and we have friends who are having a we traded clothes....Jackson made out in the deal quite well

If you have any tips on how to get him to not sleep with snow boots on I am all ears!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Moving right along....

The week went by fast and it is hard to believe that we are midway through Feb.  We made a quick trip to CT this week while my mom was down.  We have been working on the houses....this has not been our year for rentals.  While we have fared quite well in the 9 years we have owned them this year was certainly our worst.

Onward and upward...we are in the process of filling them again for the next academic year.  Hopefully we get a good crop of students this year and all is well.

Everyone is busy...we head to Florida in a couple of weeks so we have been spending more time in the pool with the kids.  Jackson our fearless leader is jumping in and last week he was swimming with the help of a out swim team here we come.

He is not into sharing....AT ALL....the age I know but it results in many he wants what the girls have.  He sat tonight and would let no one touch the new water bottle I got.....

I think March is going to be Operation Binky removal....since we are traveling a fair amount I might just forget it at home and see how we do

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Less is more and the Brooks Pure Project

On Saturday Brooks Running came out to the store to host a Pure Love Run promoting their new line of minimal shoes.  

I am finding this movement to running in a minimalist shoe so fascinating. I never really took much interest in the barefoot running movement.  I read the book and thought it was interesting, but it did not move me to attempt my next run with nothing on my feet.  I think that working in a running store has allowed me to develop my own little theory on the minimalist shoe....quite simply

you should run in a shoe that works for you, your body type and your running style

What has amazed me recently is the rush to run in less.  Just yesterday, we were at a health fair at a local pharmecutical company and many people asked about running barefoot.  While our approach is a little different in looking at the actual foot and taking some specific measurements seated and standing.....there are times were the individual is not interested in what might work for them rather what is the current trend.

Admittedly, I have not tried the Brooks line...I have spent the better part of the last 4 months or so rehabilitating a torn ligament in my hip.  I did however try the Saucony Mirage...along the same lines as the minimal shoe but with some midfoot posting for stability.  I have not run in them but I have worn them for longer periods of time and I can definitely feel a difference in the way my foot and lower leg muscles are working.  I am not sure if I will make the transition to a shoe in this line.

I think though....the craze is somewhat crazy....the push to run in minimal even though you might injure yourself.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Fun

Movie night at the Miller house!!!  Grandma is here from NH and we are enjoying our time with her.

We had a nice quiet Valentine's Day....the kids had a blast with their different school parties.  I worked a Health Fair for Feet Feet and got to run outside for the second time since was AWESOME.

Of course Jackson has his dancing shoes on and is ready for the party.

We have had such a mild winter has been hard to not be able to run or ride...but this afternoon I was able to get out before PT....such a nice treat!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


For the most part being patient is not really all that fun, especially for me.  In the short term it usually requires the ability to do wait it out and allow the process to takes its course.  I think that learning to be patient, whether with our children, triathlon or work in general is a skill that takes a lot of hard work and practice.

Recently I have been working on being more of those passive new years resolutions that is still in the back of my head...

Boys - specifically those that are almost turning 2.....I guess I really never knew they could be like this.   On more than one occasion I have found myself turned to Ryan and saying, "who does this stuff"   It is immediately apparent that Jackson does not fall far from the daddy tree....the stories I have heard must clearly all be true.    He has so much physical energy, add to that he is incredibly coordinated.  Tonight as he was waiting to go to the car he was sitting at the island...and literally I saw his eyes light a bullet he was one the counter attempting to swing from the lights hanging above.  Huge grin and not a care in the world that anyone else was watching.  I think I must say get down, no thank you, and please do not....more than anything else.

Triathlon....I had fun plans for this past fall to work on my running and biking to get up to par with my swimming....however, my hip had quite different plans.  It was ready for a lond hiatus and is beginning to show some positive improvment these last few weeks.  While I love swimming.....I don't love it 5 times a week ALL THE TIME...and certainly no 1650 time trials. Slowly, my hip has gotten better....literally two steps forward and one step backward....I seem to be in the clear FINALLY and have begun running and biking in the same week...which has not happened really since November....I have an awesome PT  Wendy, who has been teaching me patience on a weekly basis at APEX.

So onward and upward we move....hopefully settling into 2012 learning that patience really can pay off in the end...even if you have to remove all hanging light fixtures from your house.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

We are here

I can't believe that January is gone and we are in the midst of Feb.  The winter has been so mild it has not really felt like winter.  We are plugging along and busy, busy, busy.

Brianna started a new preschool through the North Penn High - she loves it.  It is early for her 7:45 am so we have had some TIRED mornings.

Aly is loving school...she is starting to write phonetic words and make books about princesses all the time. might find him jumping out of his high chair, diving off the bunk beds or riding his sisters bikes.....the bet is still on if we make it to his 2nd birthday without an emergency room visit.

I am back running...albeit slow and for short times....back on the bike so hopefully I will remain pain free for the rest of 2012!