Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Another Eggcellant Day!

We went to the egg hunt at the kids school this morning.  Thank goodness the rain was gone and the sun was out.  They each got to hunt with their class - it was fun.  The best part was the eggs could not have candy in them.  It was so nice to come home with stickers, playdough and some stamps rather than another easter basket full of candy!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Well as evidenced by Brianna's face we are still working our way through Aly's birthday cake.  Brianna seems to have developed a rather strong love for sweets, so we have had to put all things "treat-like" out of her reach.  More than once we have found her in the corner happily sucking on a lollypop.
The weather has been terrible.  RAIN, RAIN and more RAIN, I am done with this weather.  You can surely stock fish in the pond in our yard and the dogs can seriously slip and slide.

As you can see, we are seriously working on behavior.   No really, I have been looking at different schools for the fall for Aly,  I have not been impressed with some of the behavior in her classroom.  I worry about our kids and their behavior, but it does not compare to some others.  The director has assured me that they are in the process of working through the issues.  Hopefully it will all be rectified and we can stay.  I really like the programs that they offer.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Aly's Birthday Party

What a day!  We had Aly's birthday party today - our theme was Pirate and Princess.....check out the cake above.  It even passed the Ryan Miller frosting test!

I am now relaxing on the couch. Ryan took the girls to the pet store to get dog food.  I am glad that our day is coming to an end because I can see an early bedtime for our whole family!

We had a great time - considering I am hopefully less than 6 weeks from having Miller Baby#3 - we managed to pull off a fun afternoon for our friends.  Here are some pics from the festivities

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Our Cookie and Craft Day

This morning we had our friends over to make easter was tons of fun, we made a mess and decorated a ton of cookies

However, Brianna's cookies kept disappearing......can you guess where they were

She kept eating the raw cookie dough.

We then moved onto decorating easter eggs.  Aly got this egg decorating kit for her birthday.  They had a great time sticking all the stickers on the eggs.

And this was Brianna, when I told her no more cookies.......

Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy Brithday Alessandra!!!!

I had this long birthday post that I was going to do in honor of my 4 year old.  But alas, I am going to make this short.

I am tired.

Maybe it was the cupcakes 48 in total with helpers, the fact that I have not been in bed before 11 the last couple of nights, and you know the pregnant girl has got to sleep, or the fact that I was up at 3 with the never before pregnancy insomnia.

Or that there is a lot on my mind.....Ryans luggage did not arrive in Turkey, we have 20 people coming on Sat to celebrate a birthday, a leak that has eluded our handyman in one of our apartments in CT, a baby in 6 weeks or so, and I have been just plain nauseous all day today.

But she had a great birthday - she loved her dress, the cinderella backpack/sleeping bag, and her cupcakes.  Packages arrived from Nonna and Bumpa and Grandma and Grandpa Miller - we had a great time opening them and playing. 

She got to pick dinner - Old MacDonalds and play in the play area.....followed by ice cream with our close friends.

and I am going to bed....

Sunday, March 21, 2010


These were from last night, Ryan had left for Turkey and I was beat.  We had salads and watermelon on the deck for dinner.  It was great - Brianna loved the watermelon, I think they ate half of the slice that I bought.

YAHOO for this being the last traveling trip before the baby.  While it is getting a little easier - it still makes for long days.  16 meals, 6 bedtimes, 3 rounds of batch, 1 brithday celebration, 30 cupcakes for preschool, etc.

Today we are going to hit the gym and then get the remainder of the supplies for Alys cupcakes for preschool.  We made one batch last night and will make the other this afternoon.  She is SUPER excited to celebrate her birthday - we have been talking about this for MONTHS.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Easter Egg Hunt

Can you tell we were excited for the easter egg hunt???  It was the first thing that Aly asked about this morning.  We all know how competitive Ryan is.......he was working on coaching them when we got there.

The girls had a great time.  Aly filled her basket quickly and then helped Brianna.  We enjoyed the great weather before Ryan left for Turkey.

Friday, March 19, 2010

A little sunshine does the soul some good......

Wow.....What great weather - we spent over 2 hours at the park this morning.  It was so nice to be outside, to have great company and to enjoy the awesome weather.  Tonight the kids had Kids Night Out.......they went to school for dinner and a movie and we got to go out to dinner and watch some of March Madness.

We had a fun, the kids had a great time because they got Jello AND Ice Cream.  Tomorrow we head out early for the Easter egg hunt.  Hopefully I will get some good pictures. 

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

How we missed the sunshine!

I am so glad the warmer weather sans rain is back.   The girls bolted for the water table yesterday afternoon.  It was only mid 50s but they did not care.  Aly was still in her ballerina get up from dance class and they played until they were soaked.

The funny thing about outside amazes me how much energy it sucks up.  It is almost 8 am and they are still sleeping.  We did a long bike ride throughout the neighborhood last night.  I am super excited that it is going to be 70 here on Sat.  Of course my kids will think it is bathing suit weather and want to go swimming.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Another Busy Weekend

We managed not to float away this weekend...but it rained ALL weekend, mostly torrential downpour.  Of course it did not stop us from getting outside for a few moments

especially when you are helping to walk the dogs.

We also managed to do some more organization in the nursery.  I had been going through our newborn clothes, which were pretty worn after the two kids and make a list of things we need.  I hung the stuff that was usable, and the girls helped by making sure the crib was in order

I think there was a little more jumping than inspection, but they both assured me it would be safe for the baby.  In the process they burned out the batteries for the musical crib aquarium.

All in all a great weekend.  We tried a new chinese place on Sat, Ryan still has not found one that has met his demands as the chinese conniseur of our family.  This one Abacus was good, however it was EXPENSIVE.  Not sure that we will be regulars there.

This afternoon, I got to spend the afternoon shopping with my friend Tanya.  We hit a bunch of different places and then the mall.  It was nice to check things off my list while kid free.  Ryan managed to get both kids to nap - how come that NEVER happens for me????     I brought him wings and BBQ home and the girls were still sleeping when I got home.  At least we found a new place that meets his expectations for BBQ.