Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Running, Running

Most of our summer is on the road....really.  We have been home for only a few weeks and I can't believe that August is approaching!  We left PA yesterday and headed to NH for some time with the cousins and family.  I LOVE HOME!  It is super nice to be back and chill with everyone.

This afternoon after my workout I was met at the door by this crew....ready to go running!   Recently Aly has been asking to go running with me when I return.  She likes to go just the two of us and it is fun to have her interested.  But today it was a party....a running party...and it is super fun to have them want to do this since I know it won't be forever. 

I think we made it to the end of the driveway....but Jackson...he was right there with them....little trooper!

Friday, July 13, 2012


It has been a busy, busy week.  My good friend, Tara, was in visiting from Alabama.  We had such a nice time.  I have been battling this upper respiratory junk this week and she is AMAZING with our kids.  She might just let them get away with so much more than I do!

So today was the first day I felt good and we packed up the car and headed to the beach.  I went with a great friend and her three kids who are the same ages.  It was a blast!  The waves were big and none of the kids were scared.  They were just getting pummeled by them and loving every minute of it. 

and there happened to be an ton of we alternated from the ocean to the sand and back again.


they did not sit down once...we had to beg them to get out for lunch. 

They dug these huge holes and played for hours in the sand....they did not fight, they did not complain once, and they did not want to come HOME!

As were were there, I got to thinking how incredibly lucky our family is.  We have three kids who LOVE the water (this makes me smile), are happy and most importantly healthy.  I have great friends here....who will do crazy things like pack six kids between the two of us and head to the beach.  I am amazed at how many memories each day creates.  I love that I am able to be home with them even though there are just really tough days. 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Weekend Fun

We had our first weekend at home with no visitors for the summer...and I think it might be the only one!  We picked a bunch of vegetables from the garden and went to work!!!

Eight loaves of blueberry zucchini bread later and some vegetable chili...we were good for a while.  Somehow when I went to put the bread in the freezer, we were already missing one...hmmm

We took the kids to the pool since it has been so hot and Aly passed her deep water test.  So she hit the waterslides.  Brianna wanted to try...and bless her heart she did not want to give up!  She is close to making the length but she is only 4...and she needs a little more endurance.  Poor thing was determined she did not want to quit!

Jack...he just enjoyed having his daddy all to himself! 

I did get in to help with the swim tests...and I swam with Bri for a while after so she could practice...but other than that I have been laying low...I got hit with a nasty upper respiratory infection and it is not letting up.

Friday, July 6, 2012


This was from the little Sprint that I raced in was hot and fun...not that fun on the run but fun to have our family there!

Sometimes having no fear is great....please note the depth of the water...1 foot...Jackson thought he was in the deep end!

After Eagleman, I was not sure what my plans were going to be.  I had not scheduled much since we were not sure if we were moving....and if we were going to move, my focus needed to be on getting everyone acclimated to a new state and new places.

Fast forward...we are staying put in PA.  I had no races scheduled and had gone back and forth about what I really wanted to do the remainder of the season.  I had a couple of long and encouraging conversations with Kelly who happens to be a good friend and my mentor extrodinaire in this sport...she is great at helping me see the bigger picture and keeping me in check.  After talking with both Kelly and Jen, I decided that I am going to run this fall.  I will race a small local olympic in early August and then it is onto marathon training...WAHOO!

Trying to manage the kids at home all summer, traveling for summer trips and family visits, and entertaining guests was going to make training another long course event difficult.  I was not entirely sold on racing another half ironman even though I did not hit my goal at Eagleman.  I hopefully have a lot of years left in the sport and the time will come to hit that.    Secondly, my run is my limiter by to spend the fall knowing that I am going to focus on running lit a nice little fire.

I had missed riding with others and training without such intense focus.  This choice gives me a little breathing room which I needed. I have fun plans for 2013 in the works and I want to make sure I stay healthy. 

So onward we go....ready to run, run, run!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Iowa...the rest of the trip

Gosh it is good to be home!  The kids had a great time in Iowa, visiting family and friends...but is it always nice to sleep in your own bed.  Our last days were spent on the other side of the state...visiting Ryan's grandma and his brothers family.

Honestly....I really wanted Jackson to spend the day at the farm....and we did.  He was in HEAVEN.  Tractors galore...he had such and awesome time.  He drove them and sat in them all.  This was the best!

Brianna loved the pigs...go figure!

Ryan had a great time making the kids scream while driving the gator!

Can you see who is leading the charge here?