Saturday, February 14, 2009

Pure Commotion

In NH, it is always nuts, kids everywhere, adults everywhere, food everywhere.....You get the idea. My dad got a new camera - one that I really like a digital SLR. So we had a good time shooting the events of the afternoon.

We made cookies

Brianna helped - can you tell?

In all of the craziness Callum just chilled.

Here is some of the mayhem.

Do we look tired yet.

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Tarawilky said...

Due to my relocation and your sickness, seems like we haven't talked in forever (it has been a week). I love the blog b/c it keeps me up to speed on things!

My highlights.....

Brianna does not have a mullet. It's the 80's feathered style!

Also loved seeing the Jackson crew enjoying Grandma and Grandpa's house.

See you in a few weeks --- hellloooo sunshine!