Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Little bit of Placid!

I had the chance to go to Lake Placid this weekend to get a little training in...and it was awesome.  Everytime I am there....I am amazed at the beauty of the course and the surrounding area.  This was a great weekend as I was able to help out with a camp that we assisting with and I was able to get in 3 SOLID days of training with some great recovery and no interruptions!

We swam, rode and ran....everyday in some fashion.  The lake was so nice and quite warm for this time of year.  We rode the course in full on Sat and there were tons of camps going on...so aid stations were plentiful and we had an awesome sag vehicle that got us what we needed every time.   The run on Sun was HOT and humid which was great practice for race day.  It was a great trip and confidence booster for the big day.

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GoBigGreen said...

Slurpee machines, ha too funny!