Monday, March 11, 2013

Get these sickies OUT

We have been housebound since Thursday when Jackson picked up some awesome bug.  He is at that age where rolling on the floor at the vet, licking windows, and sharing snacks with anyone that will open their mouth is just so much fun.

This one was a nasty one though..and I swear on Friday he shared it with the dog..who would not stop puking either..and by Friday night I was glad I was jumping this joint for NYC.

But alas I returned to my post Sunday am...and Aly had caught this awesome viral bug and we were in quarentine Monday rolls around and I make the fatal decision to keep everyone home.  I got scammed by my 2,4,and 6 year old seriously scammed...

I knew by noon that was a BIG I told Aly if you run around one more time..I will make you run to school.

So we made pretzels instead...and I do not recommend this made a bigger mess than most of my other crazy a bomb went off in the kitchen...might just have been because we let Jackson play with flour...we made the alphabet in dough which seems to occupy a good few hours.

Either way, I am over the moon that tomorrow is a new day...but most importantly...everyone is going to school.

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