Wednesday, October 10, 2012

October Fun

Lots more apples from NH this weekend!  We were busy at the pumpkin festival and the apple orchards.  I think we are finally done picking this fall - 180 lbs total....I need to get to work in the kitchen I guess.  Lots of applesauce to be made.

We had a whirlwind NH and CT...we were able to catch up with friends and work on the apartments some.  We headed back to PA on Monday and thankfully we are staying put until Thanksgiving....well except for a fun little solo trip I have planned in November.

Running is going..I was able to hit the trails for a couple of hours in NH...and it makes the fall season that much better when you can run outside off the pavement. 

We started working on Halloween costumes this I will leave you in suspense!


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Jennifer Harrison said...

Your kids have so much fun - you are a GREAT mom!