Friday, August 26, 2011

C'mon Irene

I'm begging you please...I know it is really Eileen but this song has been in my head since the media coverage of this hurricane began.  Let me tell you...this better be a WHOPPER of a hurricane because it really messed with our my weekend plans. 

Don't worry though...we are ready, hunkered down and ready for this baby! 

Sadly, I am missing my weekend of fun fun training with Kelly and my friend Erica's baby shower.  But alas, I found some new friends in the area from Beginner Triathlete so tomorrow I am headed to swim with them and then attempt the 100 mile ride!  It is rather unlikely that we will get the full 100 in because there might be a silly little rain and wind that gets in our way but it will be fun trying, I am sure.

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