Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cake Balls

Thursday is Ryan's birthday.  While we were shopping this week, Aly found a magazine with cake balls on the front.  She insisted that we buy it and make then for her dad.  I resisted but she was pretty adamant that she knew this was the kind of cake that daddy would want.

So tonight we started the process...baking the cake.  No joke, I think Aly sat and watched the timer and annouced all but about 5 of the minutes.  If I only knew that they would watch the oven in earnest...I would be baking turkey dinners nightly.

Jackson was less enthused by the process.  He does get cake though...check him out while we were baking.

Somehow I think tomorrow is going to include a lot of tasting and not a lot of dipping!

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Kel said...

Can we make cake balls for Erica?