Monday, November 15, 2010

When the cat is away......

the mice will play......that is what is happening at our house this week.

Ryan is in Tawain.....which may not be all that bad.  So far

the downstairs bathroom has been repainted
the mudroom has been repainted
there is a new flower bed edging in
the lawn has been overseeded

oh how Lowes and I have been such good friends this week...I am sure Ryan is having a fun each morning looking at the bills from the previous day ( yes, every morning)  good thing there is an 18 hour time difference - ha ha.

This was the mudroom before

and after....

Love the paint,  good thing because it would have been repainted if the color was not right.  I still want to add chair rail to the kids playroom, plant the million bulbs I bought in the new flower bed, and register for the Half Ironman in June. 

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