Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Off and running

Yep, we were at the zoo again.  We had friends from CT come for the weekend and we headed to the zoo.  Sat was much more crowded, but we still managed to have a blast.  Here are some pics of the Zoo Balloon, which you can ride, it goes 400 feet up in the air and gives a great view of the city!

This picture is not great but the five kids were riding the train.

Jackson came along for the ride.  He has been working on rolling over and getting that thumb in his mouth

Just one happy kid!


Mary IronMatron said...

I have tried to get in touch with you email for the last week--and I think you must not be getting my notes! Did I go to your spam folder? I also contacted you on FB. I'm freaking out b/c I can't get in touch! xo :)
oh.... and Jackson is cutie.

Jane said...

He is getting so big!!!

Tarawilky said...

I want the last photo of Jackson so I can frame it for my mantle. He is not represented and Aunt Tara is not OK with it