Friday, February 5, 2010


Recovering from vacation is hard.....maybe the combination of travel and that I am 27 weeks along, man I am tired.   Thank goodness that Aly has decided that she is going to nap a couple of days this week so that I can rest right along with her.

Ryan leaves for Spain tomorrow, but we are supposed to get 20" of snow, which is relatively unheard of here.  It is a short trip so he can't really delay his trip by a day since he is supposed to come home on Tuesday.

The girls are now sharing a room - man how cute they are sleeping together in the bunk beds - I will have to post pics later this weekend.  They LOVE it.... coming into our room in the morning together, I am sure as they get older there will be quite a bit of talking before sleep actually happens.

Will get some pics of the snow this weekend.....

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