Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Running, Running

Most of our summer is on the road....really.  We have been home for only a few weeks and I can't believe that August is approaching!  We left PA yesterday and headed to NH for some time with the cousins and family.  I LOVE HOME!  It is super nice to be back and chill with everyone.

This afternoon after my workout I was met at the door by this crew....ready to go running!   Recently Aly has been asking to go running with me when I return.  She likes to go just the two of us and it is fun to have her interested.  But today it was a party....a running party...and it is super fun to have them want to do this since I know it won't be forever. 

I think we made it to the end of the driveway....but Jackson...he was right there with them....little trooper!

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Caroline said...

Aly and Brianna are adorable in their running outfits! Did Aly actually wear sneakers :) it was so great to see you last weekend in Lake Placid!! Made my day!!