Wednesday, May 2, 2012

UMLY triathlon

A little season opener is always fun...right?

I raced this last year as my first real triathlon.  I was looking forward to doing the same race again.  Except when I arrived on Sunday am they had changed the bike course since there was a bridge it would not be an exact comparison.

I should have known from last year that this race NEVER starts on fact I think our wave was 40 minutes late....and it was the 3rd wave.

So I got in the little warm up pool and warmed up....I swam and swam and swam....and they still were not calling our wave.  So we swam some more....Finally it was time to go we ran to the outdoor pool and jumped it.

Swim...7:11- slightly faster than last year but not close to what I should be swimming....

The bike course added more hills to an already hilly route.  It was full of some fun turns and a few downhills...overall I was 33:xx.

The run...this was where I thought I would do better last year and I did!  It is up up for the first 1.5 miles and then you run back.  I think it was 25:xx..which was a minute faster than last year.

Overall, my time was slower..but the bike was it is hard to compare.  I thought there were a lot of things I would do different for the next terms of transition and going out a little harder.  It is hard when training for longer stuff to remember the sprint is only an hour...

Thanks Fleet Feet for the fun gear!



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Congrats on a great race!! It's so hard to compare races year to year, even when they don't change the big things like the bike course. Weather conditions, wind, all can affect the race. Way to start the season off right!