Wednesday, June 15, 2011

at the ZOO!

We headed to the zoo this am with friends.  We LOVE the zoo.  I think we went 8 times last summer.  The kids like it because there is so much to do besides just watching the animals.  They can ride the camels and horses.

I was not sure how Jackson would do.  My plan was to keep him in the stroller until the Childrens zoo and then let him out there.  He did great until I let him out then he was on the move.  They have this tractor there and he is obsessed with tractors...good thing we head to IA in a week.

He could not get up that thing fast enough.

The problem arose when it was time to go....and then he walked around sobbing about the tractor I am sure...he was not happy that he needed to share!

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