Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Bike

Remember this picture...and how excited I was that I had a new bike.  Well - I think I want a divorce - from the bike of course.

I rode it outside for the first time today.  It is very different, the brakes are not with the gears, your weight is distributed different, and the way you ride is NOT like my comfy road bike.

I might have wanted to drive over the bike with the van when I returned home from my 2 hour jaunt.....only to realize that Ryan might take issue with that since he was REALLY on board with this new bike.  In fact, it is probably safe to say that he is just barely tolerating the triathlon world these days. 

This week has been long...a sinus infection, emergency root canal, babysitters not on time, kids being unruly at the indoor play park.....the list goes on.  Ryan made it better tonight as we went out to dinner, the kids behaved, and I did not have to cook and got to sit for the WHOLE meal.

Heres is to a long weekend of outdoor riding.


Lou said...

Better weeks are coming.

Mary IronMatron said...

Soon you will love your little Felt and you will give her an affectionate name (not b*tch) and everything!
Really Really!

Kel said...

Is that a 54/42 on your chain ring. You should really consider a compact for Mooseman, it looks like you have a TT crank for a flat TT course.