Sunday, May 16, 2010

We have been busy

Since our arrival home this weekend, we have managed to keep everyone occupied.  Sat morning there was a road race that ran by our house.  It is definitely on my calendar to run next year.  I did not make it out but the cheering squad did....
Ryan and his mom took the girls to the North Wales street fair on Sat.  The girls had a blast on the inflatables. 

The girl has NO FEAR!

Saturday afternoon Aly went to a birthday party.  It was so nice as our friends volunteered to take her, which was great.  They came back to the house and played with dress up

Gianna got to hold Jackson - they both are so cute!

Jackson and I, we just laid low.  He did a lot of this.....

Except when he was partying at 1 am in the morning, every once in a while, he let us know that he was checking out his new surroundings....

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