Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Our House - continued

Since Ryan was in CT for Mon and Tues - we did some holiday reorganization and clean out of our playroom.  Besides the living room - this is where the girls live - 9 times out of 10 it is disasterous - we are working hard on cleaning up one activity before getting into another.

I really like where this room is - directly behind the kitchen and beside the living room.  If I am cooking or folding laundry - which I swear occupies a good portion of my day - I can hear and see the girls.  They are beginning to play pretty well together but still have their moments.  Currently Brianna is working on picking up - she likes to get out a bunch of things and then leave the room.  Aly is working on not tattling - which is really hard for her - to not tell mom everything Brianna is getting into.

We moved around some toys so all of the Christmas things would fit.  I would say the top toys have been the Leapster - which we use for traveling and the kitchen stuff.  Between the apron, mixer, and new food - we have goumet meals quite often.  Also, the play school  - Aly has been teaching us all about our letters - which is quite cute.

So here are a couple of pictures of the playroom:

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