Saturday, December 19, 2009

How we spent our snowy day

The number 1 reason I did NOT want to potty train until Feb:

Seriously, this girl loves the potty. I literally spent 20 minutes in the Target bathroom this morning with her. She announced quite loudly over and over that she pooped.

In addition, she loves to just sit on the potty - as evidenced here.

Both of these were taken today, notice the outfit changes. Maybe I have a future toilet paper model on my hands - look at the sheer happiness!


Tarawilky said...

Maybe Brianna will be like Aunt Tara and need to check out every public restroom! My parents used to think I was faking it but I always "went".....yahoooo Brianna

Tarawilky said...

Just remembered that my toliet gets really warm when the heat is she will never get off...hahaha!