Wednesday, October 14, 2009

School Must Be A Hit

Here is Aly this morning, teaching Brianna - she was singing some songs to Brianna trying to teach her the finger play motions.

Apparently they like school.

Here is Brianna - the attentive student that she is.....I don't think that I have seen her sit still this long.

There are not a lot of playing options outside the condo - so this afternoon - we ran road races.

Brianna refused to run without her is slightly smaller than her.

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Tarawilky said...

Have you taught Aly the "Red Light / Green Light" game? Looks like you have a good living room for it and Bri will follow along. I remember drinking my ice coffee in the yard for hours while giving "signals" to Marissa at that age....hahaha....good Aunt Tara.