Saturday, May 2, 2009


This afternoon my college friend Kristine came up for a while. We grilled out for dinner and we made S'mores for dessert. Aly kept calling them Snores. She would ask if you knew how to make a snore and then explain how it is a marshmallow sandwich.

Brianna - she never ate that marshmallow - she just carried it around until it was time to go in. She licked it but never ate it.

Aly loves Gwen - because she is 7, and we are really lucky that Gwen enjoys playing with Aly. After S'mores, the girls hit the hot tub to clean off - Aly and Gwen swam for quite a while, getting the diving sticks off the bottom of the pool. I think that we will use the hot tub as our little kiddie pool this summer.

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