Saturday, June 29, 2013

Shortest Swim Meet and Last LONG ride

 The kids had their first swim meet this Thursday....and well it lasted a mere 30 minutes.  We got the 2 lengths warm up in and then the evening thunder rolled in and bam...we sat in the car for the better part of an hour waiting for them to call the meet.  We will try again on Tuesday.

Yesterday I had my last LONG LONG ride (I think) and it was HOT.  I met a new friend Yasi from NJ and  we set off to ride 100 hilly miles.  Riding with a companion makes the time go by SO much faster.  We headed up to the lake to circle a couple of times.  Here is the view from the Nock

the waterfalls at lake nockamixon, hancock pa

The climb up to the ridge is fun and this is a great reward.  We made great time and rolled into our first stop to grab cold water and hit the bathrooms.  As we headed out...I realized I had a flat...DOH...we stopped and changed it...I used both of my CO2 to get it I was hopeful we were going to make it back..we were a good 30 miles from the house.  We made our way around the lake again and low and behold my tire was flat AGAIN.

So we stopped at a auto repair center to see if they could inflate it and that was a loss..I used Yasi's CO2 and inflated it for the last time and then we headed back towards home.  I was thinking that the sitter might have to pick us up and haul us all home if it went flat again.   Luckily it stayed inflated and we headed to Peace Valley,

At this point, we were wishing we could jump in the lake...we rode Peace Valley Park,

there is some awesome climbing on the back side of the was not so awesome at mile 80 of our ride but we managed to get it done.  The killer was the ice cream truck passing at mile 90 and we had been talking about popsicles for quite some time.  All in all it was good, we rolled into our house with 100 miles in the books!  

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Slurpee Movement

You run the risk when you head away for the weekend to Lake Placid to train....that there is going to be a disaster upon your arrival home.   Thankfully most was left intact and manageable...thank you very much Ryan. 

I do believe though.....there were an abundance of Slurpees that were had over the fact, I was talking to Jackson on the phone on Saturday and he was not telling me to come home.  He was not telling me how much he missed his momma...he was telling me about the Slurpee that he was getting tomorrow at the Slurpee mecca Target.

Ryan has always been the financial guru in our marriage and that is what happens when you marry an actuary...but last night he broke this news...this is what he thinks our next investment might be:

Faby, Cab Two-Bowl Granita, Slushy, Margarita, Slurpee Machine. Chrome Front
Apparently Aly initiated the conversation this weekend...while they were at Costco drinking Slurpees...and now the seed has been planted.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Little bit of Placid!

I had the chance to go to Lake Placid this weekend to get a little training in...and it was awesome.  Everytime I am there....I am amazed at the beauty of the course and the surrounding area.  This was a great weekend as I was able to help out with a camp that we assisting with and I was able to get in 3 SOLID days of training with some great recovery and no interruptions!

We swam, rode and ran....everyday in some fashion.  The lake was so nice and quite warm for this time of year.  We rode the course in full on Sat and there were tons of camps going aid stations were plentiful and we had an awesome sag vehicle that got us what we needed every time.   The run on Sun was HOT and humid which was great practice for race day.  It was a great trip and confidence booster for the big day.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Coming up for air

Where has June gone?  It seems like it just started.  Today is the last day of school and we are ready for summer vacation.  So ready to be a little looser with the bedtimes and have a little fun.
We spent the week writing thank yous to all the special people who have helped us this year...and there were a LOT of them

summer swimming and being outside all just plain exhausting!

Everyone is great and I cannot believe how fast the month has gone.  I cannot believe that I will have a second grader in a few hours.  We are swimming our little fins off at the pool and getting ready to enjoy a little fun. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

a little race...

This weekend Aly was able to participate in her first triathlon.  It was so cute!

The school district puts on this as an annual event for the end of the school year.  980 kids participated this year - it was awesome.  They had waves going until 3pm!

She did great!  We were allowed to go with her for the majority of the course and in transition.  The favorite part of course was the MEDAL!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tales from First grade

So Aly came home from school this week with this note...
so I asked her about her little friend...and she replied.  I gave him your email and cell phone number.  We are going to schedule a play date this summer.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Quassy Race Report!

  1. This weekend we traveled to CT so that I could race the Rev 3 Quassy 70.3.  I had heard this course is hard and it did not disappoint at all.  I have never raced a Rev 3 event but I will be back for sure.  This location was great for families and the course was indeed challenging and beautiful.

    Ryan and the kids stayed at the hotel and my friend Kelly picked me up and we got to transition as it was opening.  I had a ton of friends racing for either the first time or as prep for the morning of the race was a like a little reunion.  I got to see my friend Caroline who is a rockstar and several others while setting up our stuff.  R My goals for Quassy were nail my nutrition for IMLP and have a steady day given the heat.  

    The Swim:

    AHH my favorite part and shortest of course.  The lake was beautiful and not super cold but refreshing.  We were the second to last wave so that meant lots of people to swim through.  We swam into the sun so sighting was hard but I managed to get out just under 30 min.   As I was in transition my friend Caroline came through...I knew she would blow by me on the bike as she is a machine and sure enough she did!

    The bike:  

    Holy Climbing....this course is way harder in my opinion than IMLP....there are long slow climbs, short steep climbs, and it seems that all you do is sit up and spin.  I was glad I rode it the week before so I knew what to expect.  There are some fast descents but most come to a screeching halt so your speed does as well

    Add caption
    I burned through 6 bottles on the bike and a various assortment of gels and powerbars.  It was heating up and I was trying not to melt, we have not had any weather yet for heat acclimation.  I rolled into transition in a little under 3:30

    The Run:

    The run starts out rather nice....slow gradual downhill.  My hamstrings and lower back were really tight, which later I was told was because all the climbing prevents you from being in aero very long.  I have not done a ton of climbing like that so it certainly was a different feeling.  After mile true Quassy fashion the hills start coming...up, up and up some more.  I plugged along and and the miles ticked off.  Kelly met me at mile 9 or 10 and gave me some was hot and I was ready to be done.    The best part of Rev 3 was the let the kids go with you...and mine of course LOVED that...they are just at fun ages to think it was cool.  The had spent the better part of the morning at the water park.  

    Overall, it was my slowest HIM that I have ever done.  The course was more challenging and my goals were really to nail the nutrition and not melt in the heat and that happened.  I was happy with the result and I think it build some confidence for IMLP!  I would love to do this again as I thought REv 3 did a fantastic job!

    Thanks to Ryan...who hauled the kids all over for the weekend.  He did a great job and single parenting is not easy we both know.  Jen and Kelly for your coaching and race day support...I am lucky to have you both!  Heather you have made getting to the start line pain free an option! we go!